Company description:

Our client is a leading global bank with a prominent Center of Excellence in Krakow. This isn't just any bank; it's one of the institutions that significantly impact the global stage and one that we can all be proud to be associated with. In the face of increasing regulatory demands on banking activities worldwide, coupled with market-driven pushes for efficiency and digital transformation, maintaining a competitive edge in the banking sector is a formidable challenge.

Senior DevOps Engineer with AWS


- Designing, implementing, and maintaining scalable and resilient infrastructure on AWS.
- Automating infrastructure deployment using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools.
- Setting up and managing CI/CD pipelines to ensure efficient and reliable software delivery.
- Ensuring security and compliance standards are met across the cloud infrastructure.
- Managing and optimizing Kafka clusters for high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability.
- Collaborating with cross-functional teams to understand requirements and provide DevOps solutions.
- Monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure and applications to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


- DevOps culture experience
- Infrastructure as Code knowledge
- Understanding of CI/CD tools
- Security and Compliance (e.g., IAM, cloud auditing)
- Strong relationship-building with Cloud Services and IT teams
- Proficiency in Kafka architecture, APIs, and internals
- Knowledge of securing Kafka clusters and bank-level security compliance

The offer:

- Friendly teams and people focused attitude
- Informal work environment
- Flexible WFH (agreement in the teams)
- Competitive salary