Do you want to work for a cutting edge ESP? Familiar with platforms like Ongage and GetVero?

Our client is a Marketing Agency who send between 200 million and 600 millions opt-in e-mails monthly to their subscribers. They have over 100 IPs through their own e-mail sending infrastructure as well as third party.

They are looking for a Email Deliverability Manager, which can help the company grow.

Email Deliverability Manager (Senior/Junior)


Monitoring email statistics for the previous day / week (open and click rates, bounce rates, etc) and making changes to the ESP routing and segments accordingly
Setting up new lists and Email Service Providers as needed (including technical configuration, authentication as well as managing the volume and domain/IP warmup as needed)
Managing the email list database and segments. This includes deciding which segments to mail (different levels of engagement, etc), how often, through which ESP and how much to mail to each inbox provider
Checking IP, domain reputation and DKIM/SPF/DMARC authentication with each of the inbox providers
Optimize revenue according to Earnings Per Click and Earnings Per CPM
Assist with block lists, spam traps, and issues with ISPs.
Occasionally, analyse and categorize bounces and adjust our sending patterns accordingly


We are looking for someone experienced with email deliverability, managing PMTA / PostFix / GreenArrow mail servers and deliverability optimization across multiple ESPs (we work with the largest ESPs in the world).
Familiarity with platforms like Ongage, GetVero, PowerMTA, Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Maropost would be greatly beneficial.


Top money for top talent
Work and develop in a new team in Poland
Fully remote work