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Verita HR Polska Group (Including HRO Personnel) is created by professionals with an innovative approach to recruitment and a passion for new technologies (entry number in register: 5694). We provide services in the field of human resource management projects - including recruitment services at all levels of management, employer branding and outsourcing. We are currently looking for a candidate in the following role:

‘Zoom Generation’ Digital Influencer (Slovak/Czech)


What happened to all the networkers during lockdown? Is sales the same as it used to be after the world was digitalised in 2020? Have sales people been able to move online, and who are these new online influencers today?

Rejection, Objections, Qualification – gaining control over the Sales process is complicated and hard. Promises of getting rich quickly. Promises of quick wins. But, today things are different, especially in Tech and New Media.

Today the customer NEEDS what you are selling. Today the customer MUST digitalise and embrace technology. Today if the customer doesn’t BUY what you are selling, in years to come their business may no longer be there.

The Rise of the Digital Influencer. The Growth of Product Evangelism. These are concepts that are challenging our traditional view of sales.

Where once people clamoured for the next job in Marketing. Today they are following influencers online to find out what the latest Tastemakers of Technology are doing.

Don’t be left behind. There is no reason to stay in an industry that may not be there in 5 years’.

Tech Giants offer top-class Innovation. Year in year out they win accolades as Top Employer in countries all over the world.

Training at New Media firms is cutting edge. Cloud is one of the industries that will grow the most market share across the world in the next 10 years.

The ‘Zoom Generation’ have a unique opportunity to take part in the ongoing Digital Revolution.
Not everybody can gain a million followers on TikTok or Instagram, but #Resilient #Confident #ActiveListeners #RapportBuilders #Entrepreneurs can still be influencers in their own way. Helping others, helping themselves.

6.8 people in companies are involved in decision-making processes for every solution today. One of those people will become your #Champion and you will be their #DigitalInfluencer.


Our Client, holds tomorrow’s Tech in their Hands today! Thousands of their employees around the world are now enjoying the benefits of being involved in the Technology of tomorrow.

They are looking for Digital Influencers who will be keen to work with Champions amongst companies across Europe.

You will need to call many of your potential Champions.

You will need to help them understand how Technology Evangelists can help their businesses and their employees safely navigate any future Turbulence.

You will have had some experience strategizing online or offline messages to followers, members, and any other audience you have built or helped grow.

You don’t need to Account Manage them, because referrals to new Champions will be your main driver. Finding them, helping them, guaranteeing their employee’s future.

Be better than the Rest.

Be involved with the most advanced technology.

Be high quality.

Join the Team that is helping European companies protect their Digital Future.

Apply now, or recommend that special someone from amongst your friends who you know has embraced the digital future. Who is outgoing. Who is someone who wants to share the gospel of Technology with others.